David Poland
Owner, Trainer |

David is a Recreation and Physical Education graduate of Evangel University. He has turned his life’s passion for health and fitness into a career. He specializes in sports specific training, weight loss, muscle development, increased cardiovascular health, increased flexibility and improved self esteem, He is a licensed through ISSA, and NSCA. He is extremely passionate about fitness, and enjoys helping others reach their personal fitness goals.

Tad Hutchens
Trainer |

Tad Hutchens has been a personal trainer since April 2009, and has a bachelors degree from Drury University and a World Instructor Training School Certification (WITS).  He has been an exercise fanatic for the past fifteen years and absolutely loves all aspects of being physically fit.  He is very passionate about his job and loves to share his knowledge with others.  

His gratification comes from helping his clients achieve their goals and become healthier individuals.  His relationships with his clients go beyond a professional basis; they become friends that he truly cares about on a personal level, and therefore he makes it his goal to ensure his clients are safe while reaching their full fitness potential.  His specialties are strength training, weight loss, and cardiovascular fitness.  No matter what your fitness goals may be, he will customize your own personal plan to get you the results you desire, in a safe and timely manner.

Ryan Stewart
Trainer |

I played Semi Pro football for 1 season prior to an ACL knee injury but I have always been involved in sports and have taken interest in human anatomy and kinesiology.Incollege my interest shifted from physical therapy to business then got  involved with personal training while being employed at StJohns Radiology dept. I was employed part time doing both jobs with school in the middle, then decided to take a leap full time with personal training. I worked for a private studio, then with the same local company that opened up a full gym. In 2007 I opened my own studio and employed 10 trainers from 2007-2011. I generally carry a full schedule and currently train 28 people and have had approximately 75% of them over 5 years. I feel that I have kept a great repor and even better relationship with my clients over the years.

With training I find that no 2 people are ever the same and there are generally always barriers and differences with everyone. Some clients may havea dispostion or biomechanical issue but with private training it makes it much easier to identify these things. I have personally worked with clients from the athletic level to the lite rehabilitative level and each individual requires different attention to needs.

Best of health and success.

Dawn Schaffer
Trainer |

I have swam, played basketball, and danced since childhood. I pursued my swimming career into college. From there, I continued working out and lifting more and began opening more doors into the fitness world. I have a passion for nutrition, fitness, and helping people attain fit and healthy lifestyles.

My satisfaction derives from helping clients get the results they want in a fun and motivational environment. I have been asked several times when I am working out, what I am training for...I am training for life and it's well worth traning for!

Andrea Rogers
Trainer |

I always loved working out and played sports in school. Since I have been out of school I have continued to run and work out, and participate in running and cycling events from 5K's, to half-marathons, to triathlons. I love reading and learning anything I can about exercise science, nutrition, and new workouts. I am a certified personal trainer through the NSCA, and I love designing workouts for all ages and athletic abilities. The greatest part of my job is when people tell me they are noticing a difference in the way they look and feel!

King Owens
Trainer |

King Owens, yes that IS his first name. Originating from Fordland, MO he started sports at a very young age, playing baseball and basketball through high school and baseball through college. After college he continued his weight training for no other reason than his love for physical activity and health. He is licensed through the ISSA. His background is Hapkido and kickboxing. He has blended it into his style of training. His satisfaction is driven by pushing people to be the best they can be.

Classes are a mix of Kickboxing and circuit weight/ cross training. Every class will be different. It is a unique blend of high Intensity Interval training. We have taken what a fighter would use to train and put it into a hour an hour class. Fighters are in top physical form. You will burn around 1000 calories per class. We will promise two things. It will be intense and we will have fun. If you are looking to get in get in shape and have fun this is the class for you.